The pet food product line is one of the core business segments of the FAMSUN Group. It provides professional system solutions for pet food factory planning, engineering design, complete equipment, factory construction and integrated control. It is a leading provider of pet food engineering system solutions for undertaking the turn key project of pet food production with an output of 1 to 10 tons. FAMSUN insists on leading the market with technology, an elite team with rich practical experience and European and American technical experts, through continuous innovation, to provide customers with professional, safe and systematic pet food engineering solutions, tailored to high standards, high quality, high efficient pet food production line.

Food ProjectPet Food Project
  • Food machinery is one of Famsun’s core business. It is a wholly-owned branch company including integrated scientific research, design, manufacture and installation. The company has a professional engineering test center, various kinds of testing equipment and inspecting equipment, and has a first-class team of experts to provide customers with the best engineering solutions.

    Planning: Expert team in China and abroad, tailor-made high-standard factories for you, improve the overall performance of the factory, product quality, energy consumption and other reasonable planning.

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