Modern manufacturing helps FAMSUN to keep up with increased orders
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FAMSUN is banking on its modern manufacturing and digital procurement strengths to keep up with growing order backlogs in the challenges of facing steepest deterioration conditions in global manufacturing sector due to COVID-19 pandemic.

FAMSUN started the 2020 Q2 with a strong production output, having met the challenge of handling a record-high order backlog stemming from 2019 and the increasing order intake this year driven mainly by the recovery of ASF and COVID-19 in China.

The company reported an increase of 109% YoY in production output in the first five months to May. "We have successfully handled 638 production orders from over 30 countries, and support global agri-food production system with 98% more sets of high-quality, high-performance, and sophisticated processing machines compared to the same period of last year." A representative from FAMSUN Manufacturing Center said.

The performance is impressive given by the impact of production suspension during the prolonged Spring Festival holidays from late January to Feb. 9, and the challenging conditions of supply shortage and lack of workers in mechanical manufacturing sector due to global coronavirus pandemic in the following months. Meeting challenges As an reliable technical partner in the food value chain , FAMSUN plays an essential role in helping agri-food producers maintain industrial-scale production and ensure sufficient, nutritional and affordable food reach consumers. "Thanks to the modernization of production sites and the digitalization of procurement system as well as the implementation of strict hygienic measures and very rigorous protocols to maintain safe physical distance in our workshops, we are proud to have our workshops run in full capacity to support customer demands during pandemic." The representative said.

According to FAMSUN, it keeps modernizing its production sites with leading manufacturing technologies to improve production efficiency and manufacturing quality since 2013, starting from the factory in FAMSUN High-Tech Industrial Park that built with leading technologies such as CNC machining centers, welding robots, automatic painting lines, and semi-automatic assembly lines. The modern technologies allow it to produce precise, high-quality works with a reduced number of workers.

By incorporating big data technology into its procurement system, FAMSUN said it can build sufficient and scientific inventories of raw materials in advance so as to guarantee production continuity by taking the advantages of China's complete and resilient supply chain even amid pandemic. Its Quality Control system has already been upgraded to catch up with the capacity increase as well, the company said. "We believe agri-food is recession-proof and pandemic proof." the representative said. "And FAMSUN is willing to share all its strengths to find a way to get through these challenges with customers and build a healthier, more sustainable, and more secure food system together."

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