New rail-sea intermodal transport accelerates FAMSUN's international order delivery during epidemic
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Supported by the Port of Lianyungang, the China railway Shanghai Bureau Nanjing Freight Center and a number of shipping and logistics companies, the Yangtze River Delta's Yangzhou municipality kicked off new rail-sea intermodal transport service to meet the rising demand for international cargo delivery amid the COVID-19 outbreak on April 27, 2020.

The 1st train of the service, loaded with 15 carriages or 30 standard shipping containers of FAMSUN grain storage and processing equipment, expected to arrive Lianyungang Port 24 hours later. After that, the containers would be transferred to Indonesia, the Philippines and Saudi Arabia. 

FAMSUN said that it used to transport goods to foreign trade port terminals in the east coast of China by trucks or inland waterway. The Yangzhoudong Railway Station is only 23km away from FAMSUN Industrial Park, and the new service provides another convenient option for FAMSUN to strengthen its logistic supply chain to better serve its customers. 

"Intermodal transport is an ideal transport modal in addressing crisis of energy sources, traffic congestion and environment pollution." the company said. " FAMSUN is willing to try any new and creative solution that help to improve trade efficiency and resource utilization, reduce export costs and greenhouse gas emission, and ease local traffic pressure, especially in this challenging time of facing a global COVID-19 pandemic."

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